I apologise – reprise

Acrylic & tempera on large format canvas, an estimated 30×40″ (80x100cm). Started at some point in January, only finished yesterday. It shouldn’t have taken that long but somehow it did. This is a photograph taken in front of my house so again the quality isn’t amazing.

Instead of a model, Marcin Twardowski’s photograph: http://www.digart.pl/praca/3575548/do_not_feed_the_models.html


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2 Responses to “I apologise – reprise”

  1. Gary Says:

    Saw this a while back but forgot to comment.
    I actually prefer the first version (!!! I know, how dareth I?!!?!) . Purely for the reason that the first one looks as though the person is almost resigned to it, they look physically bowed from the weight of it all but the halo is the one thing keeping them together.
    In the second piece it looks as though the model is deliberately putting her head under the flood, whilst her body remains outside. It basically looks like she could escape.
    Perhaps this is deliberate, perhaps it’s about how faith can make you push yourself into harder situations that you would be able to otherwise but I, personally, preferred the first.

  2. Idiot at the Opera Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Gary. It’s valid, and I somewhat agree with your interpretation. The idea was more so two stages/attitudes, when you’re still standing (first version) and then not anymore (second version), and God’s presence unchanging in both of them. Now it looks sexist, because the second version is a woman and the first a man, ha.

    (But I do believe that if you saw them in real life the medium might change your judgement – piece of paper smaller than A4 versus huge canvas…)

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